Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs:

Dawn Dickson
3 min readSep 29, 2021

Embrace the Possibilities, Not Perfection

Work-life balance has to be in one of the top five topics discussed between entrepreneurs these days. And for good reason. We strive to better understand what it means for our lives and how to reach it every day. Unfortunately, even with millions of advice listicles and how-to articles coming up when you Google search it, you won’t find the full picture. The truth is that there is never a real balance because there is never enough time to give equal amounts of attention to everything you have on your plate.

I was single, raising a daughter while building multiple businesses for many years, and I never let it stop me. Now I’m both a mother and a wife. How do I balance it all? Well, first, I’m not your typical, traditional entrepreneur. I have never been afraid to think and make moves outside the box to achieve my goals.

Instead of viewing my work tasks as a hierarchy, I adjusted my mindset to reprioritize urgency over face value. This is what worked for me. But it won’t look the same for you. Things like strategy, business operations, time with my daughter and husband sit at the top of my list. Ask yourself: what’s at the top of my list? Once you have your priorities in order, move forward with that system.

Utilize Urgency

The many facets of your professional and personal life are not in competition for most value. Attending social events is just as vital as tackling your next project; everything contributes to your character, goals, and wellbeing. Instead of placing more importance on one thing or the other, focus on what needs to be done to move forward with your plans. To do this, I use urgency to determine where my attention goes for the hour/day/week/etc. You can apply this to all areas of your life by assessing a task’s benefits and deadline.

Time Management

Time is priceless. Using it effectively allows you to adjust your work-life scale. Not sure how? I recommend these three things: use a virtual assistant, build supportive teams, and understand how to delegate. I have an actual formula that helps me determine what I spend my time on. That calculation is based on my goal of personal income for the year divided by how much an hour of my life is worth. If…



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