My ICO/STO Discovery Journey

In this series, I will share my journey learning about ICOs. When I began hearing about Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the capital that startups were able to raise through them, I became enthusiastically interested in learning about the process. Like many founders, I have a compelling product in need of a substantial infusion of cash to reach its true market potential. This has been quite a challenge, because again, like most founders — particularly female founders of color — I’ve been at the mercy of the Silicon Valley machine. Although I have been successful at raising venture capital, I am still caught in an exhausting cycle of convincing VCs of the massive potential of the self-service retail industry and why they should invest. A software product of this magnitude takes a lot of time and capital to build, and VCs want to see revenue generated before they will go ‘all in’ — keeping this in mind I began to explore my options for raising capital.

Myself and Lucas Williamson (PopCom Head of Product, Hardware) with a few of our new Chinese partners.
Big milestone for us
An example of one of the new ads we are posting to educate people about PopCom.
MEDA Million Dollar Pitch Competition
Some of the amazing testimonials we received from our new investors
PopCom Start Engine campaign funnel
#AMA: PopCom Secure token offering (STO)
PopCom Start Engine

Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor |Founder, Flat Out of Heels |CEO, PopCom| www.DawnDickson.me

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