Introducing the ‘Built Differently’ Accelerator: The Blueprint to Building a Resilient Business and Life

Dawn Dickson
3 min readMar 24
My accelerator program will help you structure your life and business to withstand the good and bad times.

“I am excited to come together with top experts in their respective fields, to teach things I wish I knew but found out the hard way, and to share stories and anecdotes from my 20+ year career in entrepreneurship and technology. My experiences not only come from the place of a serial entrepreneur of six companies in various industries but mainly as a single mother and person who wants to live and maintain a certain lifestyle as an entrepreneur. I know we can all pursue life as an entrepreneur without the constant threat of financial instability.” — Dawn Dickson, Founder ‘Built Differently’

Are you an entrepreneur who has faced both successes and failures? Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give yourself the critical advice and guidance needed to avoid costly mistakes? The Built Differently accelerator program is here to help you correct mistakes of the past and plan for the future.

Limited to 10 companies and led by Dawn Dickson, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience, this program provides the tools and knowledge you need to build a recession-proof business that can thrive in any economic environment. Unlike other accelerators, Built Differently is not just about the company, it’s about YOU, the founder, and how you can be prepared mentally and financially for times of uncertainty.

This program focuses on the real-world lessons that traditional accelerators often overlook, such as incorporating your company in a way for you to maintain control while raising capital, how to access liquidity while scaling, protecting yourself financially, planning for the future, and ensuring individual financial prosperity. You’ll gain insights on how to set up your company from start-up to scale-up and how to avoid the pitfalls that can drain your finances.

Built Differently also addresses the mental and emotional challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. The program covers topics such as how to manage your mental health, build resilience, and navigate uncertain times. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneur’s journey, from the highs to the lows, and how to overcome obstacles while maintaining ownership and generating…

Dawn Dickson

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