Early-Stage Angel Investments to Watch: Spotlighting Black-Founded Companies that are Crowdfunding

Dawn Dickson
8 min readAug 24, 2021

All six of the Black-led businesses on this month’s list of early-stage angel investments have active crowdfunding campaigns. Consider that for a moment. This ratio demonstrates how the traditional face of capital-backed businesses is changing. It also demonstrates that the concept of what and who an angel investor should be has evolved. The days of a small group of people benefiting from equity investments in private companies are over.

For years, I’ve blogged about my experience with crowdfunding, what happened when the JOBS Act went into effect in 2016, and how I predicted what is now a reality. For the first time, a large number of “regular folk” are investing in private companies — particularly Black-led private companies — and reaping the benefits of their success. By participating, both Black founders and Black early-stage angel investors gain more avenues for wealth creation for themselves and the businesses in which they believe.

This month’s list includes noteworthy companies from a variety of industries, ranging from a New York-based superfood startup to a craft beer brewer focused on racial equity. In the coming months I will continue to provide you with more investment-worthy Black-owned businesses to keep an eye on.

(Listed in no particular order.)

1. Yae! Organics (Clean Juicing, Nutrition, Health & Wellness)

Yae! Organics provides functional supplements and snacks using only the highest quality fruits and vegetables. With juice powders and Superfood Energy Snack Bars among its offerings. The CDC reports that 90% of Americans do not consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Yae! Organics addresses this issue by providing plant-based alternatives.

Lorenzo Holley founded Yae! Organics. While many of the “better for you” trends are prevalent within the African American community, wellness has been hesitant to embrace African Americans. Lorenzo intends to close the distance between himself and Yae! Organics.



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