Early-Stage Start up Companies to Invest in TODAY

Dawn Dickson
8 min readNov 2, 2021
JeGO is changing the way autonomous vehicles are designed and used. Learn more below.

The new year is upon us but don’t close out 2021 just yet. There are tremendous investing opportunities around for you to explore before 2021 ends and I have highlighted five of my favorites below. I have personally made 10 new additions to my start-up portfolio this year, everything from smart cities, to organic foods, to data democratization. I am all about diversifying my portfolio across companies, and founders, who I believe in.

As most in my tribe know, the landscape of angel investment is changing, and crowdfunding is at the center of that transformation. I’ve curated this list to help spark your investment planning and research in the right direction — because now is the best time to support companies you believe in and grow your own amazing portfolio. This time the list is not only Black founders, but companies from what they call ‘under-represented’ founders that also includes women and the LGBTQ community. I honestly hate that we have to even make distinctions between founders based on our demographic profile, but let’s face it, numbers don’t like and our communities still receive less than 3% of all funding.

From driverless delivery pods and reproductive care to artificial intelligent fitness support, this month’s list of companies are true sources of innovation that are ready for growth! Dive in to see just how these rule-breakers are looking to advance their businesses and where you can learn more and invest…NOW!

JeGO pods provide autonomous vehicles for businesses who want to provide services on the go.

JéGO Technologies, Inc. (Autonomous vehicles, Smart Cities, Health, Apps, Nigerian Founder)

JéGO Technologies, Inc., is a designer and manufacturer of autonomous vehicles, including self-driving pods that make it easy to connect consumers with services and products on the go. With the JéGO app, users will be able to discover businesses that provide high-demand services, such as COVID testing, IV therapy, and other services provided by local businesses brought directly to their customers using the driverless JéGO pods. Their patent-pending design was created by the founder of JéGO himself.



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