Company Culture: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Positive Vibes Only. It’s not just slang; if you’re a business owner, it means everything. A great question to ask yourself is: what “energy” is my company putting out into the world? Good vibrations? Uptight? Disinterested? Happiness? Whether or not you’ve purposefully set an atmosphere for your company’s culture, the vibe does in fact exist, and it is currently steering the ship of your workplace and public image — attracting or detracting your tribe.

And here’s the thing: vibes don’t go unfelt. We all sense it. We all react to it. As a leader, if you don’t get ahead of it in your own space, there’s no telling how it may just break the very thing you’re striving to build. This is why it’s so important to take a moment to do some company “soul searching”! Statistics show that over half (56%) of adults say company culture is more important than salary.

Starting as early as the onboarding phase, get a pulse on the energy of your culture. When aligned properly, it should:

  • turn employees into advocates
  • build community in your office
  • make branding content easier to promote
  • impact how your company is perceived by the media
  • increase retention
  • enhance employee engagement and performance
  • and be a guiding force behind every transaction you initiate.

More than anything, as a CEO, I value integrity, hard work and ensuring the culture of my company excites, invigorates and empowers our team to reach their full potential. At PopCom, we mean business when it comes to establishing great vibes within our company culture. It’s the main reason we’ve attracted so many amazing people.

PopCom team photo (2019)

Here’s a snapshot of PopCom’s company culture:

Our Core Values

In all things, we start with “why”. We understand that people don’t buy what you do, but they buy why you do it. We are prompt, dependable, courteous and accountable. We focus on spreading positive energy and team spirit. We value flexibility and new ideas brought to the table. And no matter what’s thrown our way, we aim to always maintain balance and harmony.

Our Personality

As a team, we’re that reliable friend who always keeps their word. We don’t make excuses. Instead, we execute! Not to mention, we have a rebellious instinct — in a beneficial way, of course. Our disruptive side exists to disown the norm and create the unknown. We’re bold and not afraid to take risks. We thrive by being adaptable and regularly stepping out of our comfort zone.

Our Worthiness to Employ

Working with PopCom provides the opportunity for rapid growth.When the work is put in, anything is possible! Our team has the opportunity to advance within our company while growing personally and professionally. In addition, we (1) respect our employees’ time and understand that people perform at their own pace, (2) believe in their abilities and want them to have ownership over their projects, and (3) encourage each person to freely voice their creative ideas.

Our Perks

Unlike most work environments, PopCom is casual. Employees can wear sweats and sneakers to work if they want. (When it’s time to dress up, they’ll know.) If anyone needs to improve their skill set, we give them the opportunity to choose to take classes, attend conferences or shows, etc. When it comes to vacation time, if it’s needed, they can take it — as long as their work is done. (No reason to overthink these things.)

Our Accessibility

PopCom has an open-door policy where any leader in the company is accessible. When employees have suggestions about internal ways PopCom can become a more productive, growth-oriented, high-powered, but harmonious place to work, we want to hear their ideas.

Our #1 Goal

Our goal is to create an employee experience filled with a dynamic and self-actualizing environment, excitement, empowerment, learning, and success.

So, how do you start creating culture? First, identify your current vibe. Second, learn what people value. Next, write down what you value most. Then, shape it all in the direction you want threaded throughout your business for years to come.

Please drop a comment below — I would love to hear your thoughts and how my tips worked for you.

Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor |Founder, Flat Out of Heels |CEO, PopCom|

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