BARS! For Business: Building Multi-Million Dollar Brands from a Vision Board

Dawn Dickson
4 min readJan 8, 2022

Nothing expresses the intricacies of an entrepreneur’s hustle like hip-hop. That struggle for a bigger, better life is where business and music meet. In season two, episode two of my podcast, BARS! for Business, I sit down with Tracey Pickett, CEO of Hairbrella, we dive into what it takes to build a life and business with the big boss, Rick Ross’ energy to back it up.

I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover

Whippin’ work, Hallelujah

— B.M.F, Rick Ross

The founder and CEO of Hairbrella, Tracey Pickett takes me through her journey as an inventor and multi-million dollar business owner, dropping solid advice that even I needed to hear. Over the years, Tracey has grown from my mentee to my peer. And now, using her success story as the road map, we’ve gathered a few action items she shares on how to 10X your business sales, build a team, and find your own path to undeniable success.

Tap into the Magic of Your Mindset

Many other entrepreneurs and I have expressed our passion for relentlessly focusing, visualizing, and having faith for the goals we see for ourselves. I like to point out that this is the magic of your mind, and when visions are directed with seriously committed intention, it always shows up!

While my younger self would initially focus on manifesting the biggest things on my vision board first, Tracey started very small. One of her first manifestations was a simple black basketball that she hadn’t seen in years, which would come to find her three different times only a year after her mental request. After this, Tracey knew the power to attract her goals rested in her hands. She then set her mind on grander goals, even manifesting an entire building exactly how and where she saw it. During the episode, in two different ways, we learned that through shifting our focus to daily actions, coupled with a deep belief in our power, we could accomplish our biggest dreams.

Now, you just don’t go from a bus to a Bently, so make sure that your focus isn’t narrowed down to the end game. Gradually grow your confidence in your ability to influence reality, put in the faith and work every day, and start by setting goals that…



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