How leveraging the power of small checks can make a big impact to build companies and create generational wealth

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Startup funding is evolving and growing past its reliance on venture capital. Founders are finding alternatives and taking control of their businesses with the help of what I call, “micro-angel” investors…people who make small investments from $100 — $4,999.

Micro-angel investment didn’t exist until a few years ago. To understand why, here’s a short history lesson.

After the 1929 stock market crash, the Securities Act of 1933 was passed to protect investors from losing money. …

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The global pandemic is fueling micro angel investment like never before. Startups are receiving much-needed capital to grow and scale their companies from non accredited micro angel investors through crowdfunding. All thanks to the JOBS Act.

The JOBS Act allows startups to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors. Essentially anyone can invest and secure equity in an early-stage company. I took advantage of this legislation in 2019 and became the first female founder to raise over $1M in an equity crowdfunding campaign. You can read about my ICO/STO discovery journey here.

That first-round allowed us to reach critical milestones in product and team development. However, $1 million is not enough to grow and scale a company like PopCom. We knew it would be necessary to raise a follow on round. But then the retail landscape took a dramatic turn in 2020 and caused us to rethink our go-to market strategy. COVID hit right before our round was set to open and we were not sure what to expect. …


Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene

Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor |Founder, Flat Out of Heels |CEO, PopCom| #Speaker #Retail #SaaS

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